Types Of Bail Bonds Near Me

Have you been arrested or is anyone close to you arrested? You would want to know how you can avoid going to jail. Well, what you need is a bail bond which will keep you out of jail. These last for a year and are renewable at the end of each year if the bond is not yet exonerated. To help you with a better understanding of the types of bail bonds, here are a few.

There are six types, they are;

-Standard Bonds

This is a type of insurance loan, which only insurance agents who are licensed can post. This standard type is granted when a family member or a friend contacts the bail agent before the defendant is released. It can be purchased by paying a small premium plus any associated fees.

-Federal Bonds

This type can be obtained twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They are different from standard type. Due to the nature of federal crimes, this type is usually of a higher risk and price than a standard one, therefore most agencies ask for a higher deposit.

-Immigration Bonds

There are also other types which are specific to the crime committed. One of these is immigration bonds, which are for people who are charged with crimes involving foreign nationals. These involve a great deal of risk and are therefore expensive and difficult to get.Bail Bonds near me

-Cash Bonds

This type is for people who can afford to pay cash for their bail. These are the easiest type to obtain as they come along with little risk for the issuing bond agency. However, they also tie up the money used for bail until a court appearance. This may hinder the defendant’s ability to retain counsel.

-Surety Bonds

These types involve contracts and stipulations, such as driving school or rehab preconditions. In addition to the precondition, collateral is required for the bail amount.

-Property Bonds

This type involves the use of property as collateral; however, they are very complicated and are completely dependent on the value of the property in relation to the amount needed for bail.