Tips To Buy A Cheap Memory Foam Mattress From Memory Foam Store

Memory foam mattresses are considered upscale types of mattresses. These beds are equipped with the visco elastic foam technology developed by NASA. This foam technology reacts to the temperature of the body. After adjusting to the temperature of your body, the foam softens up to follow the contours of your body.Memory Foam Store

This kind of mattress is considered one of the best when it comes to alleviating back pain discomforts and pressure sores. However, it does not come cheap so not all people can afford to buy it. On the other hand, there are now cheap memory foam mattresses.

It is important to know that some cheap memory beds are actually harmful to the health. Some of them might contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic, mercury and formaldehyde. You would want to buy affordable and healthy memory foam beds. Here are some tips to help you out:

Tip 1: Pricey memory foam brands such as Tempur pedic do not remain pricey all year long. There are times when furniture stores offer markdowns or mattress sales. Buy your mattress during holiday season so you can take advantage of sales and discounts.

Tip 2: Purchase your visco elastic memory mattress directly from a warehouse store. You can buy it directly from them as they cost less than buying from furniture stores. Furniture stores already have a “middle man”. This means the cost has significantly skyrocketed.

Tip 3: High-density foam beds are usually expensive. However, not all people are in need of high-density beds. In fact, most people feel better pressure relief and better comfort in using low-density foam beds. Look for a memory foam with lower density level as they are cheaper. You can try the softer beds offered by Bergad.

Tip 4: Since memory beds are not really prone to dust mites and bacteria accumulation, many people like buying used or second hand memory foam mattresses. Check out Amazon or Craigslist for second hand mattresses that are still in pristine condition.

Why do people sell them? It is mostly because of the differences in comfort. By nature, the visco elastic technology changes in comfort. Some people who found it comfortable in the store will later on discover that it is not the right comfort level for them.

Tip 5: Pick those beds with top layer of memory bed only. Actually, memory mattresses are not really 100% made up of visco elastic foam technology. The upscale brands have two layers of memory foam only and the rest are made from other foam materials. To find cheaper beds, look for those with a top layer of visco foam only as this is the part where it matters most.