Garage Doors: Exploring the Versatility of Garages

In the past, the garage used to be the space where the family car is kept as well as for stashing junk from the main house. Today, through the help of companies offering garage door repair services, the garage serves other purposes. Modern garage designs have made it possible for garages to be transformed according to the homeowners’ lifestyle, needs, and budget.

The Next Best Thing to do with the Garage

  • Home Studio – By simply installing the right equipment, the garage can be crafted as a home studio fit for a future rock star in the house. A part of the garage can be designed as an enclosed area fitted with acoustic equipment for creating and recording music. The storage garage becomes a protected space for storing musical instruments and equipment. Check out stores that sell garage doors and accessories to see if there are inclusions that could help you accomplish this purpose.
  • Sporting Equipment Gallery – Clear one side of the wall to install racks and hooks for hanging bikes and other sporting gears after using them. You can hang other sports equipment such as racquets, golf clubs, bats, and balls on the wall alongside these. Read what he said Garage Door Pros
  • Workshop – Live your passion to the max. Create a workbench system with customized storage according to your working style. If you are into woodworking, attach a grooved panel at one end of the bench where you can have easy access to frequently used tools. Try to check if it’s possible to change the current door into an overhead one for accessibility. It’s easier to open an overhead garage door to allow natural light to filter through especially if you’re tinkering in the workshop.

Modern Designs for Garage

In the past, little attention was given to the aesthetic appeal of the garage. It was there merely to keep the family car safe from harsh elements outside. A simple attachment to the house that looked like a box was enough to be called a garage. However, homeowners have come to realize that keeping the costs low when constructing a garage can greatly affect the overall visual appeal of the house. Besides, a big garage that serves multiple purposes can put the extra space on the property to good use. Here are a few modern garage designs to consider:

  • Attached or Detached – An attached garage is more conveniently accessible to the main house, especially during cold and wet weather. However, a garage next to the house can greatly limit the design options in the event that homeowners decide for an expansion. If you are in the process of building a garage, weigh the pros and cons of having a separate garage unit from the house. If you’re concerned about accessibility, choose to use an automatic door. Browse the Internet if you want to explore design options.
  • The Bigger the Better – In the ’70s, a large number of American homes had one-car garages. After three decades, the trend shifted, making room for two-car garages. Now, garages keep getting bigger to accommodate larger vehicles like SUVs, pickups, and RVs. Garages that are large enough for four to five vehicles seem to be the minimal standard in high-end villages. Even real estate agents will affirm that big garages are great assets with good selling point.
  • A New Perspective – Modern homes have garages constructed in such a way that the entrance is angled away from the street. The degree can be varying, but a slight offset can significantly change the street view from the garage entrance.
  • More Living Space – If you plan to have a functional space above the garage, make sure the roofline is higher than the main house. Your architect can work this into the plan, and once this is realized, the garage becomes an extension of the house where a real living space can be enjoyed. You may then transform this quiet nook into a home office, hobby room, or a private gym.

Today, modern garages are designed to look as nice as the main house. In fact, some don’t even look like garages anymore because they have the same finishing elements as the house itself. If you are not convinced, check out some websites that have photo galleries of garages. You would be amazed at the wonderful construction and designs of these. Indeed, a modern garage is more than just a storage space, but something that complements the main house beautifully.