Sports Performance Psychology

World class athletes and Olympic champions know the difference that sports performance psychology can make. Mastering your game has as much to do with mindset and attitude as it does with learning physical skills, training and even innate talent. If you can approach your sport with a clear, sharply focused mind, positivity, and above all, confidence, you’ll find not only do you get better results than ever before, you’re actually enjoying what you do, free from stress or performance anxiety.

The mind and body are intrinsically linked. Just like the body, the mind needs to be “trained” to be as productive as it can be – how can you expect to reach peak performance in your sport if your mind is not fully focused on the game? Personal worries about money, family or relationships, sometimes underlying fears of failure, injury and humiliation can be holding us back without us even realizing it. Sports Performance

Sports Performance Psychology hypnosis works by identifying negative thoughts and emotions at an unconscious level and replacing them with feelings of positivity, motivation and confidence – just think of it as reprogramming your unconscious mind like a computer. Once your mind is functioning as it should be, you can approach your game with a clear head and fresh, boundless confidence.

Using positive visualization techniques such as rehearsing success and goal setting, Sports Performance Psychology hypnosis allows you to tap into a clear, confident state of mind whenever you need to. Imagine being able to enjoy a deeply calm, focused state of mind even under the pressure of the game day, even as you step up to take the shot that could win or lose the game for you and your team!

As you let go of fear and anxiety, you’ll find you have more motivation than ever before to strive to be the best you can be, and as you start to notice the positive results in your performance, you’ll feel more and more confident; and, in any competitive sport (or anything in life) improved confidence can only lead to increased success. This great feeling of self empowerment is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy – a circle of positive thoughts that leads to positive results (enhanced performance in your chosen sport), and accordingly, results in even more positive thoughts and feelings.

Sports Performance Psychology hypnosis helps the mind and body to work in harmony, so that you can play at your peak performance, even under pressure. Whatever your sport or discipline, don’t let fear hold you back – be the best that you can be and train your mind, as well as your body with Sports Performance Psychology.