Know About Learning How to Weld Online Near Me

Welding requires actual hands-on-experience! With so many places claiming to teach you how to weld online in just a few hours there is a lot of misinformation out there! I have seen sites claiming to reveal the big secretes that journeyman welders are holding back from the rest of the world, to passing a 6G welding certification in less than 60 days flat! Yeah Right!

Learning how to weld requires information and lots of hands-on-practice and then more after that. For example most welding schools require at least 60 hours of hands-on-practice per position and process. What cannot be taught is the eye and hand coordination needed to weld. The little things like training your eyes to automatically go where they need to be. Most of this stuff is not covered in the book, online, and there is no substitute for actually practice. If that’s not enough, talk to any welder and ask them how long it took to learn.How to Weld near me

For anyone who is interested in learning how to weld your best bet is signing up for a welding class. What a welding class will do is cover the book, hands-on-practice, and most importantly the coaching needed to learn. As for books and websites they are good for someone who has the basic skills and is looking for answers to questions or welding techniques they are not familiar with.

Finally the subject of welding certification is a perfect example why hands-on-practice is needed. Most welding certifications expire between 3 to 6 months if that person has not welded with that process. The reason behind this is you lose your skills when you don’t weld after a certain period of time.