Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Is it time for you buy a new vacuum cleaner ? Not sure what kind of vacuum is right for your home and family ? In this article we’ll go over the different vacuums that are available on the market and which ones are best for your family’s cleaning needs. There are many types of vacuum cleaners and each one is designed to handle various cleaning chores.¬†this content

Canister : Canister vacuums are definitely the most versatile. Canister vacs work extremely well on bare floors and usually have many attachments to maneuver around and under furniture that the typical upright can’t. Most canisters come with additional attachments for dusting, upholstery, blinds, and crevices. You can also purchase canister vacuums with special carpet nozzles that permit you to deep clean your carpets like you would with an upright vacuum.

Upright : Upright vacuum cleaners have a revolving brush that reaches down into the pile of your carpets to loosen and uproot the dirt and dust trapped there. The majority of upright vacuums come with several on-board tools to make other tasks such as cleaning drapery, dusting, cleaning ceiling fans, and vacuuming upholstery a bit easier. Uprights cleaners are specifically designed for use on carpeted areas and generally do not do well on bare or hardwood floors because the air movement created by the revolving brush tends to scatter dirt rather than draw it in.

Handheld : These are handy little items for spot cleaning a quick spill around the house. They’re small, light, portable and in many instances they’re even cordless. They’re wonderful to have around the kitchen, garage, or workshop. Anywhere you might have small, frequent messes. If you have small children at home, a handheld vacuum is a must.

Robotic : Robotic vacuum cleaners give owners the luxury of not ever having to vacuum. You simply set it on the floor, push the on button, and the robot will do the rest. Prices range from under $300.00 for the models that operate on a sweeping motion rather than a suction motor. Suction motor models can cost upwards of $1,000.00 and more.

Wet/Dry : The wet/dry vacuum are extremely versatile and useful. They’re large, canister like vacuums that can pick up both wet and dry spills as well as larger debris. Things like sawdust, drywall dust are no problem at all for wet/dry vacuums. They come in various sizes and are most often used in the garage or workroom.

When deciding which vacuum to purchase be sure you’re comparing oranges to oranges. The best cordless vacuum out there won’t compare to the power of a corded one, and canister vacuums function differently than uprights do. There are many vacuum cleaner brands and models on the market so you should find one that suits your needs efficiently.